Walk into a calm and tranquil private physical therapy setting with windows overlooking the Issaquah Creek Wetlands. 

Our therapy team believes in providing you with a peaceful and rejuvenating space to receive hands on care, explore movement, and take the first steps in your journey to recovery and healing.

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Meet the Team

nancy lehman
Nancy Lehman, PT Founder

Nancy Lehman, PT though originally from Pennsylvania, received her physical therapy degree from Georgia Health Sciences University in 1979 and moved to Washington State in 1980. Nancy has lived and worked as a physical therapist in the Issaquah/Sammamish community for 25 years. She opened Squak Mountain Physical Therapy in 1997 so that she could practice physical therapy in a setting where she could work one on one with each patient for an hour and could focus on that patient’s needs and goals every session. She enjoys working with people to overcome their physical challenges and move toward being a healthy balanced active person.

Nancy moved to Washington because of her love of outdoor recreation. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, biking and kayaking. Nancy seeks to motivate her patients to learn the tools and techniques for returning them to whatever they want to pursue without pain. She assesses each person’s unique injury/pain situation in the context of their lifestyle: work, home, and recreation. She then works with people utilizing a combination of manual therapies and exercise programs. She has had extensive continuing education training in a variety of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques and exercise programs. Nancy is dedicated to helping her patients determine what is needed to promote healing, educating them in how to better care for their bodies, and assisting their return to an active lifestyle.

Emelie Lehman
Dr. Emilie West, PT, DPT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Emilie West joined Squak Mountain Physical Therapy in 2022 with a background in Outpatient Orthopedics, Pelvic Health, and Lymphedema Treatment. She is passionate about providing specialized hands-on care, targeted exercise prescription, and goal oriented care to help her patients optimize performance and reach their lifestyle and fitness goals.

Dr. Emilie grew up enjoying the outdoors with her mother, Nancy Lehman, and their family. Throughout her childhood she internalized her mother’s love of the outdoors and her teachings about promoting healing in the body through hands-on therapy and exercise prescription. Dr. Emilie’s taste for adventure led her to complete a thru hike of the John Muir Trail and solo hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,600 mile journey from Mexico to Canada. These experiences strengthened her passion for honoring and working with the body to maximize human potential and led her to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in 2018. Dr. Emilie started her career working in Outpatient Orthopedics with a focus in Sports Performance. During this period of her career Dr. Emilie recognized a need in her community for increased awareness and treatment options for patients with Pelvic Health Conditions and Lymphatic Conditions. This discovery led her to pursue advanced training in Pelvic Health and Lymphedema to provide patients with comprehensive and holistic care. 

Dr. Emilie was delighted to join her mother, Nancy, at Squak Mountain Physical Therapy in 2022. She values the opportunity to spend an hour with every patient providing personalized care in a private treatment setting.  This environment allows her to focus on each patient’s unique needs and develop a well rounded treatment plan including hands on therapy, specific exercise prescription, and lifestyle modifications to achieve their goals.